About Us

We since 1984 specialise in lending any purpose loan finance to business for all circumstances. Our funding can be used for wholly or predominantly business purposes.

We do not require evidence of income, credit searches, or lenders references.

Perhaps your business is in real trouble with HMRC and other creditor demands, legal petitions or bankruptcy problems. Winding up petitions. Receivership. Failed IVA / CVA. Liquidation.

We lend irrespective of the problems faced by business and if required we are able to deal with any legal issues you are facing.

Our clients

Our clients vary from UK. residents to international in various countries, including off shore companies.

Sole traders
Limited Companies

We consider our clients individuals, not numbers. We are ranked number one for finance products, legal services, and client care.


All our loan finance is for all or predominantly business purposes.

1st and second charge (including consolidation) secured on bricks and mortar.

Security located in the U.K. Although we will consider security in other countries.

We lend at affordable rates from £25,000 to Millions and we do not require monthly repayments of capital or interest.

Our minimum loan term is 9 months and we have a maximum loan term of 36 months.