We lend Fast Business Finance. Flexible. Affordable. Call us on 01923 268468. Business Problems. Need Something Special. No monthly repayments. Cash Flow. Repay CBILS. Debts. Consolidate. Bankruptcy problems and more.

Most finance companies offer the same products as each other. Which can make the internet a boring place to search.

We since 1984 design, produce and lend finance products taking into account changes that affect current and future U.K. and overseas commercial economies. Our products are designed for our clients based on their individual needs and requirements.

If you have a problem and need finance fast. You have come to the right people.

and when it comes to the legal issues you may be facing. Our expertise in all matters is invaluable to our clients.

We lend with no monthly repayments of capital or interest. You can repay your loan, apply for a further term extension, or refinance to repay your loan.

Whatever your type of business, irrespective of its size. We understand what makes your business work and our finance products are specific to your requirements and necessities.

Whether you need £50,000 or Millions for any wholly or predominantly business purpose.

We won't ask you to provide proof of income. We don't take up lenders references. We don't take up credit searches.

What if my creditors are threatening legal action. What if I have been made bankrupt.

No problem. As well as providing fast any purpose finance. We are able to deal with your legal problems. Whether they have progressed in to the County Court or High Court.

Fast. Flexible. Affordable. Any Purpose.

All Circumstances. Business Loans

No repayments required within the loan term

Flexible terms

Suitable for all types of business people

Irregular income

Loss of income due to loss of contracts

including the effects of Brexit

Consolidate and pay business loans including CBILS.

Tax, VAT, other debts and expenses.

All into your repayment free period loan

No income proof required

No lenders references required

No credit searches required