Other lenders

The problem with most other lenders is that they offer the same products as each other. It's like companies offering the same pots and pans as each other in the hope that somebody somewhere will buy.

Most other lenders need to borrow to lend. When their financial backers withdraw their financial facilities to prop up their own business, or are dissatisfied with the manner in which their borrowers "the finance companies" are running the business. The lender ceases to trade.

Our clients

Our clients vary from UK. residents to international in various countries, including off shore companies.

Sole traders
Limited Companies

We consider our clients individuals, not numbers. We are ranked number one for finance products, legal services, and client care.

Our products

Our finance products are designed for the benefit of our borrowers today and the future. Unlike most other lenders, we are not sales people. Our introducers and borrowers approach us because we provide something special unattainable elsewhere.

1st and second charge (including consolidation)
Secured on bricks and mortar / land
We lend to 80% valuation
Any Purpose
All Circumstances
No income proof
No lenders references
Affordable rates
£25,000 to Millions
No monthly repayments of capital or interest
Minimum loan term 9 months
Maximum loan term of 36 months