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A few of the many cases we have helped

Owner occupied letting house

This bankrupt gentleman sought our help 4 days prior to being evicted.
We issued our offer of refinance to pay all creditors, costs and legal fees.
At the same time we secured a suspension to the eviction. We completed in 5 weeks and the gentleman was annulled from bankruptcy

Publican who ran out of money

This lady purchased a large well known pub with restaurant. Needed funds for the refurbishment and working capital. We provided the funds on our pay later product, with no monthly repayments of the capital or interest required by us. This gave the lady time to build up her business without the worry of having the make repayments of our loan.

A few of the many cases we have helped

Bankrupt farmer

This gentleman had been made Bankrupt by HMRC and inherited the unencumbered farm from his deceased Mother. The deeds were held by his Mothers bank and had not been transferred in to the name of the gentleman.

We issued our offer of finance, arranged for the deeds to be released and registered on the name of the farmer. We arranged for all creditors, costs and legal fees to be paid and the farmer annulled from bankruptcy.

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