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We lend for all business circumstances
and purpose.

Business Turnaround

You need to be positive and act fast.

The solicitors who act on behalf of your creditors, together with The Official Receiver and Trustee In Bankruptcy have one sole purpose, to obtain from you and the forced sale of your assets including your family home, funds to pay your creditors and costs.

The longer you delay. Costs in respect of the Official Receiver and the Trustee in Bankruptcy, together with solicitors acting on behalf of your creditors will quickly escalate out of proportion to the debts you owe.

Consolidate your business debts to pay

Your Creditors / Business loans / Tax / VAT. Annulment of Bankruptcy.
Retain ownership of your assets

No repayments required within the loan term
Flexible terms
Suitable for all types of business people
Irregular income
Loss of income due to loss of contracts
including the effects of Brexit

No income proof required
No lenders references required
No credit searches required

You have worked to build your business and enjoy the lifestyle.


This bankrupt owner occupier of an unlicensed HMO contacted us for help four days prior to his being eviction from his home and business. We had to act fast. We issued a day one offer of mortgage finance to pay his Creditors, Official Receiver, Trustee costs, legal costs. We arranged a next day court hearing and secured a suspension to the eviction. We then completed the funding and had the Bankruptcy annulled.

This bankrupt owner of an unregistered farm inherited from his deceased mother had all sorts of problems. The farm was unregistered land. The solicitors acting on behalf of the Trustee In Bankruptcy had ordered the deceased mothers bank not to release the deeds. The Trustee In Bankruptcy was sitting on the case as they were uncertain how to proceed, and were prepared to evict the bankrupt farm owner to get the case off their hands. We issued the offer of mortgage finance to pay his Creditors, Official Receiver, Trustee costs, legal costs. We had the deeds released to us for registration of our mortgage charge and had the bankruptcy annulled.

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