Where it began

Those of you old enough will remember Rossmore Finance in the early years of 1984 and our offices in East London where daily new clients travelled to see us from all over the U.K., England, Wales and Scotland as far as Ross Shire and Kingusie, and countries beyond.

Numerous new clients could not speak English and needed to be accompanied by their translators.

Our introducers included publicans, travel agents, directors of banks, accountants, insolvency practitioners. We had the same excellent reputation then as we do today. Whether the clients were new in to the U.K., without a credit history, or bankrupt in need of funding to pay their creditors and costs to annul the bankruptcies.

Today we have no necessity to see clients as we conduct all business via emails and telephone; we are able to deal with any amount of business.

Partner with us

Here at Rossmore Finance we are business people with traditional principles, believers of strength in numbers.

2021 we foresee many more businesses in difficulty and falling into bankruptcy, not realising their business and home property can be sold by forced sale to pay their creditors. Others will need an injection of capital to remain buoyant.

One factor is important. Our unique finance products are available to assist all circumstances.

We as usual are in a position to introduce to our business partners on reciprocal arrangements applicants whose circumstances require Solicitors, Insolvency Practitioners, Accountants.

We invite partners and directors of firms to contact our business relationship officer Chris Wilkinson chris.wilkinson@rossmorefinance.com

with the view to joining our ever expanding panel.

We are here for you and your clients Today. Tomorrow. The Future.

If you believe you have what it takes to be accepted on to our select panel of introducers.

In strict confidence contact our business relationship officer Chris Wilkinson