Throughout our many years since 1984. We continue to design and produce financial products for our business borrowers taking into account changes that affect current and future U.K. and overseas commercial economies.

Whatever type of business, irrespective of its size. All businesses have the same things in common in order to remain buoyant and for growth.

At the core of any business is the necessity for financial stability. Without which failure quickly sets in, having an effect not only on the subject business, but also businesses that rely on trading with each other. The knock on effect.

We design our products with specific Key

Fast. Flexible. Affordable. Any Purpose.
All Circumstances. Business Loans


We lend from £25,000 (No maximum) for a period up to 36 months within which no monthly repayments of capital or interest are required.

You can repay your loan, apply for a further term extension, or refinance to repay your loan.

Key Features specific for your needs:

No repayments required within the loan term
Flexible terms

Suitable for all types of business people
Irregular income
Loss of income due to effects of Covid 19, Brexit, recession
Consolidate and pay business loans, Tax, other expenses. All into your repayment free period loan

Any purpose
All circumstances
No income proof required
No lenders references required
No credit searches required
No monthly payments required up to 36 months

We are here for your Today. Tomorrow.
Your Future.

If you believe you have what it takes to be accepted on to our panel of introducers.

Call and speak to us.

01923 268468

Meet Chris our business relationship officer

Chris has been flying aircraft since he was 16. Chris is a qualified pilot. This is a picture of Chris with his own aircraft he uses when travelling to business meetings and pleasure.
Chris admits business and helping clients is a real pleasure.